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Four Ways to Leverage Home Equity
“Equity.” It’s a term you’ve heard before, especially if you’ve ever been in the market for a home, but is it one that you really know the meaning of, or how it affects you? Home equity is the difference between the amount you owe on your mortgage and the value of your home. This means, as you make payments on your mortgage to lower the amount you owe, you simultaneously build the amount you’ve earned in your home, or your equity. If the balance of your mortgage is valued at more than the value of your home, you have negative equity; however, if the balance of the mortgage is lower than the value of your home, it is positive equity and this positive equity can be converted into cash. 
Four Flavorful Father’s Day Dishes 
It’s that time of year again, and we’re getting ready to celebrate dads across the country with one thing: a great meal! Whether your dad loves to chow down on a good BBQ, or do up a great vegan dish, we have you covered with four fun options to whip up in the kitchen for the dad in your life
Four Steps to Start Your At-Home Garden
Spring has officially sprung, and if you’ve ever wanted to test out your, now is the perfect time to start. There are a variety of factors to consider when planning out your starter garden, including space, what to plant, and materials you may need. Although there are many factors to consider, the most important to remember is the rewarding feeling you’ll have at harvest time. Here are a few tips to help you have a successful first garden.
Revamping Your Outdoor Space
We all want a modern and comfortable outdoor design; one with the right theme and expanding it by focusing not only on backyard design but all outdoor space settings as well. Here are some ideas to ingeniously renovate some of our everyday landscapes.
Benefits of Utilizing a Mortgage Manager
In addition to guiding you through the homebuying process, the right mortgage manager ensures your home loan remains a financial asset that you can leverage for years to achieve your goals.
Mortgage Managers: Who, What, and Why
As life changes, from growing families to changing occupations to unexpected medical emergencies, different events can call on you to investigate what options your mortgage can bring. Whether you’re funding an investment property or paying down debt, we have the knowledge to find a solution to meet your needs.
Four Money Saving Strategies for Long Term Goals
For many people, the idea of saving money can be overwhelming. However, the best way to start saving towards your long-term goals is to… well, start. These four tips can help you figure out the best savings plan to fit your lifestyle without the added stress.
How to Spring Clean in a Weekend
Going into spring cleaning season with a plan can help you maximize your efforts and accomplish your goals.