Renovation loans finance your improvement projects, helping your house feel like home.
If you're looking to make repairs or update your home, one of our renovation loans may assist you in completing your upgrades. Additionally, renovation loans can provide opportunities when shopping for a home, making that fixer-upper a desirable option. Our renovation loans offer flexibility so you can finance your project without draining your savings.
Product Features
  • Allows for repairs, remodels, upgrades, expansions and renovations that will add value to your home
  • Down payments as low as 3.5% for purchase renovations
  • Available for improvements on investment properties and second homes
  • Renovation financing can be rolled into your mortgage, avoiding the need for upfront funds

Is a renovation loan right for you? 

If your current house needs a few updates to make it feel more like home, you may benefit from a renovation loan. These loans allow you to make improvements that will add value to your property. Additionally, if you’re currently looking to purchase a home which will need repairs or upgrades, taking advantage of one of our renovation loans may be the right path.

Our mortgage consultants will walk you through the details and assist you in choosing the right loan product for your property.