Seven Holiday Gift Ideas for the Homeowner
Deciding upon what to gift a friend or family member for the holidays can be more challenging than many people expect. One way to gain gifting inspiration is by considering the type of homeowner your recipient is. Below you’ll find a few ideas to assist you as with your holiday shopping.

1. For the Smart Home Homeowner

If your gift recipient owns a smart home, new tech is always appreciated. A smart thermostat or smart plugs are economical options, or you can splurge for a smart security system like this one from SimpliSafe. Be sure to get them something they don't already have -- next time you're at their place, just take a look around without being obvious to see what they're lacking.


2. For the Environmentally Conscious Homeowner

Friends and family who are environmentally conscious are a lot of fun to shop for. The sky is the limit as long as the gift is eco-friendly. Bamboo plates, organic linens, coconut husk doormats or recycled glass lamps are great items which will help make their homes even homier without impacting the planet.


3. For the Wet Bar Homeowner

If your gift recipient enjoys relaxing at home after work with a drink in hand, your job as gift giver is easy. A bottle of their favorite high-quality beverage, a new set of crystal glassware, or even custom engraved whiskey stones are all excellent gift ideas for a homeowner who has (or aspires to have) their own wet bar.


4. For the Work-at-Home Homeowner

Telecommuting is becoming more common and many people work from their homes. Help your gift recipient ease the challenges of staying organized and keeping home and work life separate -- opt for a customizable desk organizer or a cordless charging station. Other great gifts include fun coffee mugs, high-quality custom planners, and you can never go wrong with a good set of pens like these from Cross.


5. For the Chef Homeowner

If the kitchen is your recipient's favorite room in their home, it only makes sense to gift them the latest kitchen gadgets to help make their cooking adventures even more fun. While a knife set might seem like the perfect gift, remember that many cooking enthusiasts are very particular about the type and brand of knives they use. Instead, opt for a creative fruit bowl, personalized wooden cooking utensils or a solid wood tabletop Lazy Susan to keep their most-used spices right on hand.


6. For the Eclectic Homeowner

Everyone has that odd-but-tons-of-fun friend who somehow makes mismatched everything look perfectly put together. For this type of homeowner, it can be a little more difficult to find the right gift, but certainly not impossible. Boho designed anything is a good bet, or you can look for one-of-a-kind objects like odd-looking lamps or handmade home décor like these prints from Etsy.


7. For the Gardening Homeowner

For some people, it's not the inside of their home they love the most, it's the outside. Although gardening season is months away, a well thought out gift for the gardener will be remembered. A high quality tool basket, a potting bench, or decorative items like garden statutes or gazing balls can be a great way to show your recipient that you appreciate their love for gardening.


A home is so much more than just a house. It's a place to kick back, relax and truly be yourself. People let their personalities shine through in the items they purchase for their homes. By taking into account what kind of homeowner you're gifting to, you can give a thoughtful present this year that helps make their time at home extra special.