Licensing and Disclosures


Scenic Oaks Funding, LLC dba Penrith Home Loans

Equal Housing Lender

NMLS 252939, AZ-1050029, CA-4170051, CO-252939, ID-MBL-2080252939, TX-252939, OR-252939, UT-13587340, UT-13611818, WA-CL-252939

State Licensing Registered DBAs License Held
Arizona 1050029 Mortgage Company Registration
California 4170051 Penrith Home Loans
Penrith Mortgage
Licensed by the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation under the California Residential Mortgage Lending Act.
Colorado 252939 Mortgage Company Registration Mortgage Company Registration
Idaho MBL-2080252939 Mortgage Broker/Lender License Mortgage Broker/Lender License
Oregon 252939 Penrith Mortgage Mortgage Lending License
Texas 252939 SML Mortgage Banker Registration
Utah 13587340 Mortgage Entity License
Utah 13611818 Mortgage Entity License – Other Trade Name #1
Washington CL-252939 Penrith Home Loans Consumer Loan License



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Some restrictions apply. Please see complete Penrith Home Loans Guarantee Certificate for more information, and visit for full program details.

Certified Buyer Guarantee

All borrowers must be W-2 employees. Guarantee commences 21 calendar days from mutual acceptance of fully executed Purchase and Sale Agreement and authorization to order appraisal. Guarantee not available if Buyer changes or agrees to change of loan program, or if there is a material change in the Buyer’s income, assets, or credit profile. Guarantee not available to Buyers or Sellers that are not natural persons, are licensed real estate agents, or are employed by or affiliated with a real estate service provider. In the event a Guarantee payment is to be made, payment will be made by check and cannot be credited to the costs or down payment associated with this transaction. Multiple Buyers or multiple Sellers shall receive only one Guarantee payment. Loan must close by the Guarantee expiration date. Guarantee shall not apply if closing date is not met due to delays caused by Buyer and/or Seller (e.g. more than 2 business days). Guarantee contingent upon timely receipt of escrow, title, and appraisal acceptable to the lender, investor, and insurers. Loan must receive final loan approval by Private Mortgage Insurer (if applicable). 


Last updated: 02/20/24