Seven Storage Solutions for Small Spaces
Get the most out of the small space in your home with these storage tips.

One: Mount Items inside your Doors

It may seems obvious to install hooks and other hanging apparatuses inside of closet doors to increase the number of items which can be stored, but there are many other opportunities for inner door storage you may not have previously thought of. Hanging items like curling irons and hair dryers inside bathroom cabinet doors can prove to be a substantial space saver. In addition, hanging necklaces and other small items inside a bathroom mirror is a storage hack to keep in mind. In the kitchen, consider utilizing Command™ products like this caddy to organize and store cleaning products or snacks.


Two: Utilize Nooks

The nooks and crannies of your home are often overlooked, but can provide excellent storage solutions. The space under your stairs which may typically remain unused can be repurposed into a small office, a child’s play space, a reading nook or simply an area to organize your coats, shoes and bags.

In small places like these, try to stylize your items, like books, plants and travel souvenirs to create a visually pleasing storage area.


Three: Mount Floating Wall Shelves

When living in a smaller space, it is smart to utilize wall space for storage. Floating shelves like these from Target help you store and display items like framed photos and knickknacks without taking up valuable space on tables and desks. You may also consider utilizing floating shelves in your bathroom to provide easy access to toiletries without crowding the space under your sink.


Four: Select Furniture with Built-in Storage

When choosing furniture for a home with small rooms, it is wise to consider items with built in storage. With stores like Ikea specifically designing home goods with limited square footage in mind, it’s easier than ever to find a bed or couch that also serves as a storage system. Not only do pieces like this bed frame provide a desirable amount of additional storage, items that are not quite as pleasing to the eye, like seasonal clothes and extra towels, can be hidden within its drawers. Additionally, selecting a sofa with built-in storage like this one from West Elm provides a place to store extra blankets and linens for guests.


Five: Suspend you Bike from the Ceiling

If you feel like your space is cluttered, try looking up. Many items can be hung from your ceiling, creating more space on your floors and walls. If you utilize a bike to run your errands or commute to work, consider hanging it from your ceiling to save space. There are many mounting systems you can purchase online or at your local hardware store. Ensure you follow all instructions and have a buddy come help you complete mounting if need be.


Six: Install a Fold-down Table

If it is important to you to have a desk to complete work or a kitchen table to eat breakfast, but you’re short on room, a folding table could be a great option for your space. Certain folding tables, like this one from YLiving, even provide additional built in storage ideal for office or kitchen supplies. These easy-to-install mounted tables give you the flexibility to utilize this surface only when needed, freeing your space up when necessary.


Seven: Hang Kitchen Items

Pots, pans, mugs and other kitchen essentials with the ability to be hung can be placed against your kitchen wall on hooks or suspended from the ceiling using a pot rack like this one from Crate and Barrel. This is a great way to display your most attractive kitchen items while keeping them handy for day-to-day use. Avoid the pain of digging in crowded cabinets to find your favorite sauce pan by hanging it instead. Alternatively, keep items you use infrequently, like holiday serving platters and baking supplies, within your cabinets.


Before you start your reorganizational storage efforts, be sure to set yourself up for success by donating items like clothing and bedding if you haven’t used it in the last year. While making room for all of your household items within a small space can be challenging, there are many ways to create storage solutions that help you stay organized and make your home visually appealing. Utilize a few of these tips to create more livable space.