Choosing Furniture for Your New Home – Five Tips
One of the most exciting aspects of purchasing a new home is that you get to start off with a clean slate in terms of decorating. No matter how you would like your new home to look, your initial goal is choosing furniture for each room. Selecting the right furniture for your home may seem overwhelming, but keeping a few factors in mind can make these decisions easier for you.
  1. Build a Budget

According to the National Association of Home Builders, the average home buyer spends around $3,778 on furniture. The cost of furniture can add up quickly, so it’s important to know your budget before you start shopping. Figure out what new furniture, and other items, you need to buy for your home and how much you can afford to spend on them. Keep this amount in mind as you review your options.

  1. Make Sure to Measure

Before you begin browsing around online or in furniture stores, take measurements of each room. You’ll need these dimensions to figure out what furniture sizes will work in your home. You don’t want to set your sights on a sofa that ends up being much too small for a larger living room or a bed that ends up taking up too much space in your bedroom. Jot down the measurements for each room, and keep this list with you during your furniture search.

  1. Look at Layout Options

Visualizing what furniture items will look like once placed in your home can be tough. Drawing possible layouts of each room can help you decide which items should go where. For example, you might find a sectional sofa, ottoman and armchairs work better for your living room layout than a traditional sofa, love seat and coffee table layout. Experimenting with different layout options helps you determine the exact furniture items you should be looking for. There are many helpful apps that can assist you in visualizing your new space with furniture in it.

  1. Select a Style

What kind of style are you interested in creating for your home? Think about designs that appeal to you, such as vintage patterns, an eclectic look, a rustic appearance or a contemporary monochromatic color scheme. Whether you want your home to have a classic look with traditional furniture designs or more of a sleek, modern appearance, the style you choose will help you narrow down your furniture options. Taking an online style quiz like this one is a fun way to help you focus your design plans. Once you know what kind of style you prefer for your home, you can concentrate your efforts on finding items that go with it.

  1. Focus on Fine Quality

Even if you’re working within a budget, you shouldn’t make sacrifices in terms of quality. Look at purchasing larger pieces of furniture, such as sofas, dining room sets and beds, as a long-term investment for your home. Otherwise, you could end up spending more in the long run when you need to replace poorly made furniture sooner than expected. Find furniture that offers quality craftsmanship at prices that fall within your budget, and you’ll have items that last for many years. You can always update these items over the years in simple ways, like adding new accent pillows to your sofa or refinishing your dining room table.

Finding the right living room, bedroom and dining room furniture for your home is the hard part. Once you purchase these main pieces of furniture, you can take your time choosing accent pieces and other decor items to spruce up your home and get the look you want. While furnishing multiple rooms may feel overwhelming, these tips and tools will help you make your new house feel even more like home.

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