Moving? 5 Tips to Make Your Transition Smoother
Moving into a new home is an exciting experience, but it can easily turn into a stressful one if you’re not prepared. Taking a few simple steps to get yourself ready for this transition can make for a much smoother move. Keep the following tips in mind as you get closer to moving day.

Create a To-Do List

You really can’t be too organized when it comes to moving. Between getting everything packed up and coordinating tasks for your new home, such as setting up utilities, it doesn’t take much to feel overwhelmed. Keeping a to-do list handy can help you focus on prioritizing necessary tasks. In addition to a comprehensive to-do list, you may find it helpful to write down important dates on a large wall calendar which you can easily reference as you prepare for your move day.

Downsize While Packing

Packing, while not always fun, is a necessary moving undertaking which gives you an opportunity to go through all of the items you have in your current home or apartment. As you’re sorting through your items for packing, consider consolidating and eliminating any you don’t need or want in your new home. Depending on the type of items and the condition they’re in, you might want to toss them in the trash or set them in a box to donate to a local organization. Although this might seem like a time-consuming task, it makes the moving process simpler by reducing the amount of items you’ll have to unpack once you reach your new home.

Label Every Box

While you’re packing, you might think you’ll remember where you’re putting everything. However, by the time you’re done, you’re likely to forget which items are in which box. Put a label on every box you pack, so that you’ll immediately know what’s inside. Write the items included on the label, along with the room the box should go in, such as your kitchen or bedroom. You may also consider utilizing a color coding method by using labels in different colors to indicate which room boxes belong in, such as blue labels for the bathroom and green labels for your living room.

Pack a Bag of Essential Items

Having to dig through boxes to find your toothbrush and other essential items can make the moving process more frustrating than it needs to be. As you’re going through your packing process, don’t forget to pack a bag with any essential items you’re going to need right away at your new home, including toiletries, a change of clothes, cleaning supplies, and most importantly, toilet paper! Having easy access to all of your essentials makes it much easier to start getting settled into your new home.

Time Your Move

Moving day can be much less of a hassle depending on when you do it. Moving on the weekend can be more stressful if you have to take care of certain matters, such as getting in touch with a utility company that’s only open during the week. Keep in mind that moving companies are usually busier on weekends as well, so you might have trouble booking one or you may pay higher rates. If possible, plan your move during the week. This can make it easier to reach local businesses if needed, and you can ease into your move rather than trying to quickly settle in over the weekend.

You can’t completely remove stress from a move, but by utilizing these tips, you can set yourself up for success. Give yourself plenty of time to prepare, stay organized and you’ll have a smoother moving day to look forward to.