2019 Smart Home Trends
Innovations in smart home technology are increasing exponentially. Judging from the consumerism frenzy, smart home products are emerging in response to high demand. People hunger for the world of the future, today.

The internet of things (iOt) has arrived and smart homes are at its center. Here are the smart home trends to watch for in 2019.



Smart doorbells like Ring are already popular and they show no signs of stopping. These devices are just shy of $100 and can connect with Alexa devices. They not only enable you to see who’s at your door; you can also speak to the visitor through the device. SimpliSafe sells home security systems that let you know instantly if an intruder is trying to get inside your home, if a fire has broken out, or if water damage is occurring. Systems come with cameras, tabletop units, door monitors, alarm sensors, motion detectors and more. Costs start just north of $200.

Motion Activity

The smart driveway alarm alerts you whenever there is activity on your driveway. It’s essentially a motion detector that is useful to be alerted as soon as someone arrives on your property. This is another smart security device which helps keep your family and home safe.


Now you’ll be able to control your lighting through Alexa when you have the Alexa Hub device. The GE smart LED light bulbs can also be controlled via Bluetooth with a companion app that is downloadable on your phone. The light bulbs can be dimmed, brightened or even turned off completely even if you aren’t at home. Philips Hue is another smart light bulb, but this one comes in various colors for true ambience. There is a whole system of smart lighting fixtures to choose from if you so desire.  Philips Hue is compatible with Google Assistant, controlled through your phone.


The ecobee smart thermostat not only lets you control climate zones in your home, it also comes with sensors that can detect when you are in a room. This enables homeowners to save money, since heating and cooling happen only in rooms where people are, instead of heating and cooling empty rooms. This handy technology is good for the planet and your pocketbook.

Window Glass

In 2019, you’ll see more smart window glass available for consumers. This glass is comprised of special photovoltaic cells that can darken on demand when the sun is too bright and become clear again when you want more natural light in the room. The glass may be controlled with a remote control but it’s likely that an app control will soon be available as well. Look for this glass in home windows, automobiles, aviation vehicles and marine vessels.


Smart appliances are already on the market, and in 2019 you’ll start seeing these in every new or renovated home. Smart refrigerators feature an on-door family “hub” that operates like a digital bulletin board. The interactive screen can be used to post family pictures, keep track of calendar dates, remind other family members of events, make and maintain shopping lists, stream music and videos and much more. Smart washers and dryers allow owners to monitor loads remotely with the use of a phone app. Smart ovens, like this one from LG, allow you to cook remotely using your phone app.

These smart home trends are sure to be on your radar more often in 2019. With such an array of possibilities, there’s something for every budget. Smart homes are the wave of the future and it’s easy to improve your home’s comfort, security and value by utilizing the features this type of technology offers.