Five Online Alternatives to Hiring an Interior Designer
Does the interior of your home need a facelift? Are you overwhelmed by the idea of designing a new space but can’t afford to hire a pricey interior designer? Why not refresh your home’s motif with an online interior designer service instead?

These services, costing only a fraction of hiring a traditional designer, may be the perfect solution. By utilizing one of our suggested online services, paired with the casual perusing of interior design books and magazines, you’ll set yourself up for the professional results of an interior designer without spending a fortune.


Online Interior Design Services at the Top of Our List

1. Havenly

Havenly, currently one of the most popular online interior design services, offers three tiers of services including a free level called “Design Quickie.” This trial tier gives you a great, and free, opportunity to see if you like the service and support Havenly offers. If all goes well with your initial 30-minute call with one of their interior designers, you’ll have the choice to upgrade to another tier. These higher tiers include the Havenly Mini and the Havenly Full. The Mini tier provides you with three mood boards, one fully developed concept and allows you one revision. The Full tier provides you with the three mood boards and one fully developed concept but allows you two revisions. One major perk of Havenly’s services is the ability to shop items curated by your interior designer, as well as any items of your own choosing, right from the site.

2. Planner 5D

Planner 5D provides users with online interior design software allowing access to 2D/3D design tools to create floor plans, renderings and models of your living areas. If you’re into tech tools, you’ll have a lot of fun playing with Planner 5D. Keep in mind, this service may be frustrating for individuals new to using design software. Three packages are offered at various price points. A 30-day trial of the software is available for just $9.99. $19.99 a year provides you with three HD snapshots you can keep and utilize. For $29.99 a year you’ll get an ad-free experience with ten HD snapshots. If you aren’t totally sold on the service, Planner 5D also offers a free, limited access version of its tools so you can try out the software before you commit to buying.

3. Laurel & Wolf

Like the previously mentioned services, Laurel & Wolf also offers three-tiered packages for those who want a customized digital interior design experience. With the Light package at $59 per room, you’ll receive a “refresh” which includes a revamp of your current decor. For $149 a room (the Classic plan), your online designer will carefully suggest specific accessories and furniture in addition to a layout designed to work with these recommended items. The Signature package, at $249 a room, provides you with inspiration from three different designers, plus this package contains everything included in the Classic package. Each and every item suggested by Laurel & Wolf’s designers is also available for sale on the Laurel & Wolf website, making your home décor shopping even easier. The offerings range from shabby chic to glamorous and minimalistic.

4. Decorist

If you prefer a personal touch, you might enjoy trying out Decorist for your next design project. This online interior design service allows users to collaborate directly with a real human interior designer, right from the comfort of your own home. You’ll be given the opportunity to choose from a selection of Classic Designers, Elite Designers and Celebrity Designers. This service provides you with the ability to upload pictures of your current room’s decor plus any design inspiration photos you’ve already curated. Packages range from $299 per room for Classic, $599 per room for Elite and $1,200 per room for the Celebrity tier. Each package includes two initial design concepts, an online shopping list and complimentary purchasing services. This site trends towards the upscale, but the personal service and customization is the closest thing you’ll find online to a traditional interior designer.

5. Modsy

If you’re into the recent mid-century modern trend, you’ll probably really like Modsy. Modsy may also be the preferable choice if you’re the type who prefers a more hands-on approach to their online interior design endeavors. There are two packages to choose from; the Modsy is $69 per room, and the Modsy + Style Advisor package is $199 per room. Each of these include two design concepts that display as 3D images of your room, which you can manipulate to get 360-degree and top down views. In addition, you’ll receive bonus images which will assist you in filling out the look of your new room. Once you are happy with the concept, like many of the other service providers, you can conveniently purchase the items directly from the site.


If you’ve been considering signing up for an interior design service online, these sites may be worth checking out. These services provide a great option if you are on a budget, but still want some help creating the room, or home, of your dreams. With many options to choose from, you’re sure to find the best service for your needs with a little research.