Five DIY Mother’s Day Gifts for Every Mom
Finding yourself with a little extra time on your hands lately? Why not make a project out of this year’s Mother’s Day gift? Did macaroni noodles and glitter just pop into your head? If your mom will get a kick out of a sticky, noodle wreath, go for it! But if you want to keep things a little classier, read on for some great DIY gift ideas your mother is sure to treasure for years to come.

1. Herb Garden
(Image: Fun365)

Spring has finally sprung! Let’s give mom something seasonally appropriate. If your mother has a green thumb, or maybe just a love for cooking, consider crafting a DIY herb garden. This functional and adorable planter set will bring life to your mother’s kitchen. If you know your mom tends to kill any living plant she touches, choose hardy herbs that are easy to keep alive, like rosemary and thyme. You’ll find a step-by-step, DIY herb garden tutorial here.


2. Bath Bombs
(Image: Club Crafted)

Does your mom sneak away to the spa any chance she gets? Then why not bring the spa to her? Your mom is sure to love a homemade gift of DIY bath bombs. Nothing says relaxation like a cup of tea and a good book during a long bath. Bath bombs are easier to create than you may think, and best of all, they are customizable to your mom’s favorite scents. Here you’ll find a DIY recipe for beautiful and fragrant bath bombs.


3. Jewelry Organizer
(Image: Landeeseelandeedo)

Have your last few Mother’s Day gifts consisted of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings? Jewelry is a popular present for many occasions, but a jewelry box can only hold so many jewels! If your mom is always bedazzled, consider crafting her a fashionable, DIY jewelry organizer to display all the beautiful gifts she has collected over the years. After all, there’s nothing worse than a tangled mess of jewelry chains. Check out this tutorial and be sure to create a jewelry organizer that will complement your mom’s home aesthetic.


4. Chocolate Bark
(Image: Good Housekeeping)

Does your mom have a sweet tooth? If the answer is yes, consider whipping up a tasty treat this Mother’s Day. Maybe you’ve already perfected the recipe for mom’s favorite cookies, but if you’re looking for a little inspiration, try out this recipe for beautiful, floral, white chocolate bark. Remember, presentation is key. Pick up some pastry boxes from a local craft store to put the finishing touches on this delicious gift.


5. Luggage Tag
(Image: Lovely Indeed)

Is your mom an adventurous, jetsetter always planning her next vacation? Then a chic, DIY luggage tag may be the perfect gift. Your mother will treasure this unique, thoughtful, and practical travel essential each time she’s searching for her suitcase on the luggage carousel. This is a quick project that can be highly personalized to your mom's taste. You’ll find a helpful, step-by-step tutorial here.


Taking the time to craft something special for Mother’s Day, with your own two hands, will mean so much more than over-priced flower deliveries and generic greeting cards. Crafting a DIY gift will help to create beautiful memories and may even win you the spot as favorite child. Just kidding, mom doesn’t pick favorites, (unless you actually recreate that macaroni wreath!).