Top Five Tasty Tacos for a Quarantine Style Cinco de Mayo
Social distancing during Cinco de Mayo is no fun! But with a good attitude and a tasty recipe, you have everything you need for a memorable at-home fiesta! Because we understand the importance of good tacos, we’ve scoured the web, selecting five outstanding recipes that are sure to make your celebration a success.

Al Pastor, Por Favor
(Image: Tasty)

There’s nothing more classically Cinco De Mayo than sweet and smoky Al Pastor tacos topped with fresh cilantro. This recipe (video included!) provides instructions for creating authentic tasting Al Pastor right in your oven. Many recipes call for the roasting of chilis, which can mean a good amount of preparation time. Luckily, this recipe recommends using paste and powder, cutting down the total time spent over your stove. We recommend pairing these tacos with a pineapple, jalapeno margarita, and a lot of napkins.


Classic Carne Asada

Simple and delicious, this flavorful Carne Asada recipe is sure to please. You’ll find thousands of carne asada recipes with a quick Google search, but we love this one in particular because of the abundance of herbs and spices it calls for. The addition of an effortless homemade salsa really takes these tacos to the next level. The perfect balance of salty and spicy will leave you wanting more. We recommend pairing these classic steak tacos with a red wine, like this Argentinian Malbec.


Authentically American (Ground Beef)

Okay, while it isn’t really the most authentic, who doesn’t love a delicious Americanized ground beef taco? Made famous by restaurants like Taco Bell, and included on almost any family-style Mexican menu, a ground beef taco is a quick, affordable option for your Cinco de Mayo celebration. The key to making these tacos really stand out is quality ingredients. Instead of pre-shredded cheese, choose a high-quality block of local cheddar jack. Consider pairing these American gems with a Mexican Coca-Cola to complete the meal.


Vegging Out
(Image: Simply Recipes)

Not a big meat eater? Luckily, when it comes to tacos, there are a ton of delicious vegetarian recipes to choose from. We absolutely love this particular vegetarian taco recipe as it encourages the use of fresh garden veggies like jalapenos, peppers, and cilantro. This is a great choice for anyone limiting meat consumption, or just looking for a lighter meal. If you aren’t stuffed after demolishing these amazing tacos, consider making an authentic flan – don’t you just love when you have room for dessert?



Fish Fiesta

If you’re looking for a healthy, pescatarian option for your Cinco de Mayo celebration, look no further! These super-simple grilled fish tacos are sure to take you back to your last vacation in Cabo. This recipe calls for tilapia, but really any mild, flakey, white fish will do. It’s all about the seasoning with this recipe, so pay careful attention to your measurements. Complete your meal with Augus Frescas, a customizable, warm-weather favorite.


Pro Tip: Hot Sauce

No taco themed fiesta is complete without a selection of hot sauce, really making your tacos your own. Our personal favorites include Cholula and Tapatio, but your choices are endless. Check out top-rated hot sauces here.


Although we know you’ll be hyper-focused while perfecting your tacos, don’t forget to digitally invite your friends to join the party. Plan a Zoom or FaceTime fiesta and set some time aside to celebrate with your friends! Consider shooting this awesome blog over to your buddies and then you can compare notes on the tacos you’ve assembled. Remember, while social distancing during fun holidays like Cinco de Mayo isn’t the most exciting, it’s important. Make the most out of the day while adapting to the new normal. Salud!