Ten Fresh Summer Recipes for Sunny Days
It’s safe to say summer has arrived. If the warmer weather has you craving some lighter, more refreshing dishes, you’ll love our top ten summer recipe picks. And because we know you have priorities other than cooking this summer, like sifting through our summer book recommendations (link blog post here) and lounging by any and every body of water, our recipe picks are simple enough for even the most novice chef to master.


  1. Classic Strawberry Shortcake

    Let’s start with what really matters – dessert. You truly can’t go wrong with a Classic Strawberry Shortcake for your after-dinner treat. This beautiful, iconic dessert looks like a feat to create, but it’s actually pretty easy, taking less than an hour to whip together. With strawberries in season, it’s basically like all the stars are aligning for this warm-weather confection. If you want to get creative, try a combination of blueberries, blackberries, or raspberries in place of strawberries to mix things up.


  1. If you’re hoping to impress guests with a beverage, give this Fennel Lemonade recipe a go. A glass of cold, refreshing lemonade on a summer day brings back memories of running through sprinklers and starting your very first small business. And while a basic lemonade is nothing to scoff at, this sophisticated version of the classic drink is infused with homemade fennel syrup, giving it fresh floral notes and a hint of licorice to keep things interesting.


  1. Are you a grill master at heart? Then you’ll love these Honey-Garlic Chicken and Veggie Skewers featuring crispy bell peppers in a well-balanced sauce. This is one of the easiest skewer recipes we’ve come across, promising satisfying results. If you don’t happen to have access to an outdoor grill, this recipe can be baked as an alternative. We recommend serving your skewers over a bed of seasonally inspired cucumber-avocado rice pilaf.



Firecracker Salmon with Peach Avocado Salsa


      1. Is there a more quintessential Summer picnic food than potato salad? If you’ve ever searched the internet for a standout potato salad recipe, you know the results can be overwhelming. Luckily, we’ve narrowed it down for you. This French Potato Salad is sure to please a crowd. This version of the classic calls for a plethora of fresh herbs, keeping this side-dish fragrant. You’ll also notice this recipe doesn’t call for the mayonnaise traditionally used in most potato salads, creating a lighter dish for warm days.
      1. While Salmon is a delicious choice year-round, this Firecracker Salmon with Peach Avocado Salsa is a truly seasonal take on a classic salmon dish. With a total meal creation time of just 30 minutes, this recipe may be your summer weeknight go-to. The recipe instructs you to bake the salmon, but there are alternate instructions on grilling your fish if you’re in the mood. We recommend pairing this dish with black beans or lightly seasoned quinoa. Let the salsa be the star of the show here.
      1. What’s better than a dessert and group activity in one? Now that’s efficiency. This classic S’mores recipe is a winner. We suggest making these treats extra special by using Theo’s ethically sourced chocolate. Additionally, if you have a little spare time on your hands, this could be the perfect opportunity to learn to make your own homemade marshmallows. Pro Tip: Plan ahead and procure some metal skewers in place of sticks for your s’mores roasting. These will help you to cook your marshmallows evenly and you’ll avoid any wood particles sneaking into your dessert.


  1. If crab cakes are done poorly, they remind us of a tacky wedding. If crab cakes are done right, like these from Etta’s Seafood, a Seattle hot spot, they remind us of our fondest summer memories. What sets these crab cakes apart from the competition is the use of fresh, and hopefully local, blue lump crabmeat. It’s all about quality here, folks. And while there are many variations of how to serve crab cakes, this recipe recommends classic cocktail sauce and lemon, keeping the taste buds focused on the crab cake itself.
Green Goddess Quinoa Summer Salad
  1. If you’re searching for a simple side dish that’s a little more sweet than savory, you should add this Watermelon Salad with Feta and Mint to your recipe repertoire. This is the perfect salad to take to the beach on a hot day, giving you something refreshing to reach for. The standalone flavor of each individual ingredient may surprise you upon simply reading through the recipe, but trust us, the combination of sweet watermelon, tangy feta, briny olives, and refreshing mint all magically come together for a perfect summer snack.


  1. We’ve all heard breakfast is the most important meal of the day and this recipe has us tending to agree. This Fruit and Yogurt Parfait recipe by the one and only Rachael Rey calls for in-season berries like blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries, oh my! Plus, this is another recipe that you can throw together without the use of your stove or oven, helping to keep your home cool during the warmest days of summer.
  1. If you’re looking for the perfect light lunch, or a healthy, sharable side dish, this Green Goddess Quinoa Summer Salad will become a fast favorite. The recipe calls for only a handful of ingredients and encourages the use of basically whatever produce you have left in your fridge. Goodbye food waste! Also, within the salad recipe, you’ll find two dressing recipes, one vegan and one vegetarian, because who doesn’t love choices?

We hope you’re so inspired by our top Summer recipe picks that you’re currently tucking your crockpot far away into the back of your kitchen cabinets. The time for fresh seasonal produce, BBQs, and picnics has finally arrived! Take full advantage of the beautiful, summer weather by enjoying your meals alfresco with family and friends to celebrate the season!