Top Ten Summer Page Turners (According to the Penrith Team!)
Did summer sneak up on you? Yeah, us too. If you’re one of those people who looks forward to a leisurely summer of reading, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled our top ten, page-turning Summer book selections to kick start your relaxation.
  1. Need a laugh? Consider checking out stand-up comedian Ali Wong’s newest book Dear Girls - Intimate Tales, Untold Secrets, and Advice for Living Your Best Life. This satirical autobiography features letters written by Wong to her daughters while the two are still in utero. While you’ll laugh until you cry, the author also delivers moving and insightful messages regarding marriage, Asian culture, and motherhood.


  1. If your first move in the morning is to grab your phone and check on the stock market, Connor Dougherty’s novel Golden Gate may be the golden ticket – see what we did there? The author presents a heavily researched and in-depth look into the housing crisis in America, citing pivotal examples of how our current economic climate is impacting the American Dream.


  1. If you are a huge Hunger Games fan, you’ll want to check out Suzanne Collin’s new prequel The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. This exhilarating page-turner takes place within the aftermath of the war between the Capitol and the Districts, picking up the pieces and answering lingering questions one may have been left with from Collin’s Hunger Games


  1. Remember the days of the Twilight saga frenzy? If one of your guilty pleasures includes Bella and Edward’s love story, consider picking up Stephanie Meyer’s new book Midnight Sun. The novel divulges the epic love story from the Vampire’s perspective, offering readers a fresh viewpoint on one of the most popular teen romances of our time.

  1. If you’re looking for something spooky to read this summer, grab Steven King’s new book If It Bleeds. While King is no stranger to writing bestselling horror, this selection is a little different. If It Bleeds offers readers a collection of four novellas, or short stories, allowing the opportunity for multiple frightening build-ups and shocking conclusions.


  1. Need to add a little bit of thrill to your life? Check out Lisa Jewell’s latest book Then She Was Gone. This psychological thriller about a mother’s search for her missing daughter is getting rave reviews and is being described as “dark” and “edgy”, but balanced. If you were a fan of the ever-popular Gone Girl, this book is a must-read.


  1. If you get simply mesmerized by memoirs, Shoe Dog by Phil Knight should be a top contender on your Summer reading list. Knight, the founder of the famous Nike athletic brand, gives a rare peek into the company’s start-up days and its growth into the iconic brand it is today. This is an amazing, inspirational story, so take our word for it and Just Do It.


  1. If your typical literary go-to is historical fiction, you should definitely consider packing A Hundred Suns by Karin Tanabe as your go-to Summer vacation book. The novel, set in 1930’s Indochine, delivers a captivating tale with a touch of romance. The novel engulfs readers in the glamorous lifestyle of French colonists while highlighting a story of political evolution and ambition.


  1. If you’re big on biographies, Warhol, authored by Blake Gopnik, is an essential summer read. Whether you’re a fan of pop art, or simply interested in learning more about this remarkably influential artist, the book engulfs readers in a plethora of history and insights into one of the most famous artists to date.


  1. If you’re looking to add a little something different to your 2020 Summer reading catalog, Samantha Irby’s new collection of essays titled Wow, No Thank You should be on your shortlist. The book is being described as “raw” and “hilarious” by critics. The essays take readers on an emotional journey, providing realistic insights and all too relatable stories.


With the weather getting warmer, this is the time to prepare yourself by ordering a few books to have on hand for poolside, shoreside, and bedside reading. If you’re like us, you never want to be without a new exciting piece of literature to consume. We hope you’re looking forward to the days of enjoying the summer sun and the expansion of your imagination as much as we are.