6 Household Items to Check In On
From filters to batteries, there are many things around your home that need to be replaced or cleaned on a regular basis. Since most of these things work in the background with little attention, it is easy to forget about them. But, starting off the year with a quick review can help you develop a schedule that’s easy to remember.

When was the last time you checked your fire extinguisher?

Read on and consult your calendar! For each item on the list, schedule an appointment for replacement of cleaning, or make some updates yourself, keeping the items in our home useful and safe.


Every Month

Fire Extinguishers

Take a peek at the pressure gauge of your fire extinguisher monthly. If the needle is in the green zone, your fire extinguisher should be in working order. If not, it is time to replace a disposable extinguisher, or recharge a reusable one.

Range Hood Vent Filters

If you are a budding chef and produce a fair amount of grease, clean your range hood vent filters once a month. If you usually order take-out, you can go up to six months before washing your range hood filter. Consider picking up a replacement filter if you haven’t made a change in a while.


Every 3 Months

Air Filters

The filters in your air-conditioning system are responsible for ensuring the air in your home is free of dust and pollen. To keep these filters working at their best, replace them every three months. However, people with severe allergies may need to tackle this task every month.

Vacuum Cleaner Filters

Ideally, you should empty the vacuum canister after every cleaning session, rather than waiting until it is full, washing eco-friendly reusable filters every three months, or replacing disposable filters on the same schedule.


Every 6 Months

Fire Alarm & Carbon Monoxide Detector Batteries

While many beep when batteries need to be replaces, consider changing fire alarm and detector batteries every six months. Pro tip: sync changes with Daylight Savings Time to easily remember!

Refrigerator Water Filter

The frequency at which you change your refrigerator’s water filter depends on the amount of sediment in your tap water. Luckily, most refrigerators have an indicator light. But, if yours does not, or if you have been ignoring the light, schedule a replacement every six months to keep the water clean, and keep you hydrated.


Getting a schedule made at the beginning of the year to make these routine changes can help keep your home running smooth into 2022.