How to Spring Clean in a Weekend
Going into spring cleaning season with a plan can help you maximize your efforts and accomplish your goals.

Very few people like to clean. Most people’s idea of cleaning is quick dusting, vacuuming, and mopping. Depending on the size of your home this could take anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours. But ask yourself is this cleaning or is this tidying up? Let’s go room by room to break it down. First things first: decluttering.


Start by organizing everything. It’s a lot easier to clean if everything has a home. Purchase heavy-duty chemical-free cleaning products or make your own. Then start at the top and work your way down to the floors. Wash your cupboard doors and countertops, and clean the inside of your microwave and refrigerator. Sweep first, and then give the floors a good scrubbing. You may need to slip the gloves on and do hands and knees sponge cleaning to get those hard-to-reach corners.


Start with the toilet and get it out of the way. Use a Clorox-based cleaner to scrub and wipe it all down from the tank to the floor. Then a bathtub cleaner can be sprayed inside your shower to sit for a little bit while it works away at dirt and grime. Just make sure to open a window to air out any heavy fumes. Move on to the medicine cabinet and other cabinets in the bathroom, removing everything for a good cleaning. Clean the sink from the vanity down to the floor, same with all cupboards. Go back to the shower and scrub the grime you’re satisfied. Finish up by. washing any bathroom rugs and curtains, and mopping the floor.

Living Room  

When was the last time you washed your curtains? Now is a great time to take them, down to get them clean. If you have blinds as well, get a blind cleaner and give those a good cleaning to get rid of built-up dirt and dust. You should tackle any ceiling fans in the same way if you have them. Clean and disinfect any light switches on the walls and any doorknobs, and tables. Dust everything! Then, you can complete this room with a room-wide vacuum.


It’s best to tackle each room one at a time. Remove and clean curtains and all bedding and throw those in the wash while you clean the rest of the room. Dust everything, clean mirrors, and windows and do a good vacuuming or hardwood floor cleaning. You may even want to flip the mattresses. Make sure everything in the room has its own home and put it there. The key to staying tidy is to keep things in a place that works for you. Once your laundry is done, you can remake your bed with fresh sheets in a room that’s been deep cleaned. 

While you’re moving from room to room, don’t forget to clean any landline phones, cell phones, computers, and gaming systems, as they also collect germs.

Building a habit of routine home cleanings can help you keep your home tidy, and fend off germs. However and whenever you choose to tackle your spring cleaning, go at it with a full plan in mind to maximize your efforts and accomplish your goals.