Mortgage Managers: Who, What, and Why
As life changes, from growing families to changing occupations to unexpected medical emergencies, different events can call on you to investigate what options your mortgage can bring. Whether you’re funding an investment property or paying down debt, we have the knowledge to find a solution to meet your needs.

While entrusting in financial and tax advisors is common practice, wouldn’t you want someone to assist you in the management of your largest asset as well? That is where a mortgage manager can be helpful. 

Who are Mortgage Managers? 

A mortgage manager's job is to assess where you are in your home loan at any given time and notify you of different options available to improve your financial standing, placing you in the best financial position to be successful. While mortgage loan officers are helpful in the process of obtaining a mortgage, they often disappear after closing. Mortgage managers – like the ones you find at Penrith Home Loans – not only fill the role of a loan officer but also stick with you throughout the life of your home loan, identifying situations that can help you reach financial goals.

What can a Mortgage Manager Do For You? 

To take full advantage of the financial opportunities presented to you by owning a home, you need someone who can identify options in a timely manner, allowing you to make the right financial decisions for right now, and for your future; someone who can help you navigate through industry jargon, confusing regulations, and time-consuming paperwork, simplifying the “what, when and why” of how the mortgage market impacts you.

  • Save Time
    You have a lot to do on a daily basis. You do not have hours and hours to spend parsing through difficult financial jargon in your mortgage. Instead, rely on someone who dedicates their day-to-day to understanding the industry, and how it affects their clients.
  • Save Money
    A mortgage manager can also make sure that you are in the best position possible to get the most out of your mortgage, whether that be refinancing for a better interest rate or a better term that fits your individual situation.
  • Access Equity
    Leveraging the money you put into your home is one of the benefits of buying. Your mortgage manager is available to help identify the various ways in which utilizing your equity can advance your goals.

Why Should You Entrust in a Mortgage Manager? 

Helping you obtain a mortgage is just one part of your homeownership journey. Once you close, external factors in your life and the market can prompt you to make changes to your mortgage. Your Mortgage Manager can help you accomplish these goals, including:

  • Improve the term of your loan
  • Refinance your current loan
  • Get a better rate on your mortgage
  • Cancel PMI
  • Find creative solutions for personal financial goals

A good mortgage manager sees their clients as neighbors, not numbers. They value and root for your success, and stick around after your first closing together. When you start your journey into homeownership, or even after you’ve purchased your first home, finding a mortgage manager that you can work with for years after closing is essential.