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Five Low Maintenance Water Features to Enhance Your Yard
A water feature is a great way to add something extra to your yard and enhance your outdoor living space. These features can turn your deck, garden, or patio into an outdoor sanctuary!
Labor Day Staycation – Fun Ideas for a Long Weekend At Home
Labor Day weekend is typically a bittersweet holiday marking the conclusion of summer. This means the end of bonfires, beach days, and barbecues. With the school year getting started, many families prefer to celebrate the long weekend by organizing a frugal staycation. Whether you’ve chosen a staycation because traveling isn’t in your budget this year, or you’re simply looking for some R&R, the following tips will help you enjoy your Labor Day weekend in the comfort of your own home.
How Your Student Loan Debt Influences Your Home Buying Options
Forbes Magazine calls student loan debt in the United States the $1.5 Trillion Dollar Crisis. Over 44 million people carry at least some student debt making it the second largest consumer debt category behind mortgages. In fact, consumers average more student loan debt than both credit card debt and car loans.
Ask an Expert: Certified Buyer Program
The Certified Buyer Program™, designed by the mortgage experts at Penrith Home Loans, is the competitive edge homebuyers look for when shopping for their dream home.
Tips for Hosting a Great Summer BBQ
As the warm weather rolls in, chances are your calendar will be marked with various events like picnics, birthday celebrations, graduation parties, social gatherings, family parties, and so on. There’s no better way to enjoy a summer evening than a casual get-together with friends, family, a BBQ, drinks, and beautiful summer weather.
Five Online Alternatives to Hiring an Interior Designer
Does the interior of your home need a facelift? Are you overwhelmed by the idea of designing a new space but can’t afford to hire a pricey interior designer? Why not refresh your home’s motif with an online interior designer service instead?
Eleven Tips for a Year-Round Beautiful Lawn
Caring for your lawn is an important task for any homeowner. If you haven’t had the responsibility of keeping up a yard in the past, the idea of yard maintenance may even seem a little overwhelming. For weekend warriors wanting to make sure their lawns stay healthy and lush, here are some steps to take to keep your yard looking green and beautiful all year long.
How Not to Kill Your Houseplants
Were you born with two brown thumbs? This condition is the opposite of having 'green thumbs.' It means that any plant which enters your house will soon end up back outside... in your dumpster.