Who Manages Your Mortgage?

While entrusting in financial and tax advisors is common practice, wouldn’t you want someone to assist you in the management of your largest asset as well? That is where a Mortgage Manager can be helpful. In addition to guiding you through the homebuying process, the right Mortgage Manager ensures your home loan remains a financial asset that you can leverage for years to achieve your goals.

It is important to understand the difference between a mortgage loan officer and a mortgage manager. While mortgage loan officers are helpful in the process of obtaining a mortgage, they often disappear after closing. Mortgage Managers – like the ones you find at Penrith Home Loans – not only fill the role of a loan officer but also stick with you throughout the life of your home loan, identifying situations that can help you reach financial goals.


Benefits of a Mortgage Manager:

  • See how much cash you may be able to access from your home’s equity.
  • Calculate payments with a shorter- or longer-term loan.
  • Determine monthly payments needed to pay off your home loan faster, on your schedule.
  • Access your home’s equity to help consolidate, manage, and pay off debt.
  • Keep an eye on neighborhood home sales and demographics.
  • Follow interest rates and trends.
  • Discover potential money-saving opportunities.
Get the most out of your mortgage.

Helping you obtain a mortgage is just one way we can assist in your homeownership journey; after closing, we’ll still be here to help manage your mortgage and make it work for you.

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